"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. James Matthew Barrie

To day I received my wonderful Jane Austen themed  journal and box. Everything is so wonderfully made, the attention to detail is impeccable.  It’s such an exclusive item. Thank you Glorianna  for such a wonderful book. This book and box will become precious it is so exquisite, the box with its crackle finish evokes  the feeling of the past. The little extras secreted under the inlay were exciting to discover. I can't wait to use it, it's my Christmas gift to me.  Mary Austen, Norfolk.

Golden Wedding journal: I ordered a journal to celebrate my parents Golden Wedding, I wanted something unique and very special, very personalised, not the run of the mill that was on the high street. After searching I found Coincidentally Ginger and Glorianna, WOW am I glad I did.. The journal was fabulous, everyone at the party thought so and most of all my parents loved it. It is a very special memento of a very special day. Guest wrote messages and added photographs. They will treasure it and I will be back for the next one. Thank you Thank you a million times over.  Bernie Martin, Manchester.

Apologies for the delay in this feedback and thank you. I brought a Notebook at the Bolton Craft fair back in November as a gift. It was well received and loved. Hope to see you again at the next one. Sally 

Thank you for my lovely gift, It is a work of beauty to look at, and a reminder of all the kindness you showed when chatting to us at the craft fair at Haydock Park. You didn't rush us and we were sad to leave.   Its nice to know there are still some thoughtful people in the world. You are so kind and made our day. All the best L.Oakes

Thank you, thank you, You helped me with my special memories journal, we discussed the colour, layout and exactly what I wanted inside  and I certainly was NOT disappointed. in fact. I LOVED IT, it was beautifully made, I keep showing everyone. It arrived in a lovely box, with tissue paper and pretty ribbon. Thank you so much.  Carolyn J

I brought a Time travel related journal for my daughter at Christmas as a surprise. She was over the moon :-) about it. She treasures it, she keeps looking at all the items you included.  Thank you for everything. DH

We brought a journal at recent craft fair you were at  and sent it to our daughter in America. I have to say she was thrilled, she said she had never seen anything like it before. A pleasure to deal with you especially as at the next craft fair you remembered us, and ask how our daughter was. Such kindness.  Sarah W.

Wow, I purchased two of your journals, they are so carefully made, and a delight to the eye. My wife loves hers and my daughter has her on a special shelf in her bedroom. ( That's praise indeed)  Thank you. Steve.

Many, many thanks for my beautiful journal. I love it, it is  meticulously made with such care, must have taken hours. I will be using it for my wedding in September as a guest book/advice book. It will become a fabulous keepsake and so different from other peoples. Thank you for such a unique and precious book. I so love all the lace. Kindest and sincere regards Melanie. -Just an update: My wedding was on a beautiful September day, made extra special by the wishes and advice written in my journal made by Glorianna. Thank you for a fandabbydosy journal. Yep I remember the Crankies ....

Thank you for the special words when I brought one of your journals at a recent craft fair. They meant a lot, it was nice that you didn't just put in a bag, but wrapped it in tissue paper with a special ribbon and placed it in a box, taking an interest and listening as I was feeling a little down that day, you helped put a smile back on my face.  These little thing mean so much. Even the special bookmark I spotted on returning home. Linda ( Discoveries journal)

Salvage Journal, what a great name, I couldn't resist buying it. My husband loves it, he said it reminds him of his shed, which I think was the idea :-) .. You certainly know how to put things together, with all the tags, charms, journal cards and other vintage items such as first day covers and receipts,  it is a great talent. You said you weren't an artist. but I think you are a great artist, this journal is one of a kind art.. Thank you.  AB

I love my journal, I don't want to spoil it by writing in it, it is a fabulous work of art. The lace and vintage items inside, kind of tell a story of their own,  which I will add to with my own memories. The construction is meticulous; it is obvious that a great deal of thought and care went into its creation... I feel honoured to have one of your journals, thank you.   Paula Morrison