Lets get lost in a world of books, coffee and rainy days. - Unknown 

I was asked recently what do I do..... I create hand crafted journals, for writing, art, to keep photographs, to doodle in, a beautiful book becomes an heirloom of the future. treasured by you and the generations to come.

Every journal is made completely by myself, from start to finish in much the same way, old books were made centuries ago all by hand. They are not altered books.

Each journal is made with care and meticulously handcrafted from miscellaneous fabrics, lace, ribbons, sari silks and threads. Considerable care is taken to sew the pieces and bind in the pages by hand, no staples are used.

Tea stained papers and pages from various sources are used to formulate each individual one of a kind creation.. No two journals are the same, each one unique in it's own right.

Genuine vintage items are sourced from antique fairs and shops where possible.

Exquisite old lace and ribbons, music sheets, and books. Old photographs, prints and advertising items are just a few examples that have been discovered for you to delight in. Each one compliments your journal.

The hard covers are made from quality 4mm  thick card and covered with fabric and/or  hand painted. Some are created by covering in a special paper.. Each cover is designed individually, giving you a journal that is unique to you, and won't be repeated

Creating these journals is a passion, a passion for perfection. I hope you enjoy and cherish your journal, as much as I loved  designing and creating it.

If you would like a custom designed journal, please email us.  If you have a theme in mind, I would be happy to research any specific details and colours.