Traditions are stories families write together.  

With our ever increasing technologically driven world, we rarely  put pen to paper. Books are read on line, the trill of turning the page, the sound of the paper is lost. Remember receiving that long-awaited letter in the post, how your heart fluttered with excitement. Sadly, the art of writing a long letter, has become a short note by email or other social media.

We write many things in our life from the first time we're taught to write our name in shaky uneven letters, joining the dots to create the shape, to practising signing our name in our very best handwriting, to declaring our love in letters and breaking hearts in goodbye notes.

We write essays and exam papers, reports with long complicated words that we often don’t really understand. The final act of writing our Last Will and Testament to leave our goods and chattel to those we wish.

With the age of computers those words can be erased with the tough of a button on the keyboard, sometimes by mistake. Thoughts lost forever

I am sure many of us have been fascinated by old letters and books left behind by past generations, with an heirloom journal you can leave your own story, your life’s experiences. It can touch your senses in an emotional way.

There are few things in the world that are more versatile than a piece of paper. Everything from great novels to simple shopping lists have been written on the material, making it easy to be taken for granted. 

Keeping  a journal stimulates the imagination. Being creative on paper is known to be a great way of unlocking and boosting inventive thought. It has been proven to help relieve anxiety, its relaxing by helping us  focus.  Doodling as we talk on the telephone, explaining something on a scrap of paper, making notes of important information.

Writing and art can inspire our imagination to take flight.