There is something at work in my soul, which I do not understand. - Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

Do you love Gothic or know someone who does? Here is a journal designed for anyone who is passionate about the Gothic lifestyle.   

Features: 7x9in hardback glossy black cover, with an antique aged document, and a large black widow spider, a cross with moss and a rose, complete with an aged plaster skull, on the cover.

On the spine is a funeral director’s label from the 1800.s 

Each of the 12 signatures hold 48 pages, which in total equates to over 500 pages. Each printed on 100gsm ivory textured paper (very tactile) all the pages and cover are exclusive and are designed by me, Glorianna.  There are also lots of plain pages to record your own inner most thoughts and emotions. 

It you want something that is very unique and individual then here is a journal for you. The pages feature a dark background, but can still be written on, painted, or drawn on.   

The journal has its own ‘Casket’ style box with black handles. The top has a cross and skull to match the cover.  

Great for a Gothic themed wedding, or party guest book as well as a personal journal.