Medieval Musings


This colourful and beautiful handcrafted journal is made from 4mm mountboard, covered in a brocade fabric and hand painted in gold giving it a vintage appearance. The embellishment is a 19th century brass door escutcheon. At the edge of the internal cover is genuine antique gold paper decoration used in religious books.

The illustrations are all printed to give an aged faded look,  the edges have been gilded as if the journal has been around for centuries. It has approx.. 300 plus pages, with lots of writing space for your own Medieval Missives.

Ideal size at 6in x 8.75 with a 2in spine.

Would make a great gift for someone or treat yourself.

All my journals are genuine one of a kind, not mass produced. I never repeat my designs therefore you will not find another the same. 

MEDIEVAL MISSIVES (missives is another word for letter- especially a lengthy one, message, written communications). Missives is all about the romance of writing letters and journals with a hint of mystery and intrigue and as a portal to the past.