If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”   - Toni Morrison


I am a writer, thinker and information junkie.  Life is a puzzle, an  adventure and I'm on a mission to uncover all its hidden  treasures. .

As a collector of old letters, documents, books, (Oh and shoes new ones that is) looking round antique centres, charity shops, car boot sales,  anywhere there are hidden treasures is a wonderful pastime. 

I have discovered many lovely stories and sad ones too. Heartfelt letters, inscriptions in books, dreams people had, I often wonder if they were fulfilled. Many hard cover books which has survived and been cherish many dating back over 100 years.  Some text books from schools contain hand written ideas and thoughts in margins, some may say this is defacing the paper, however it gives an insight to the person reading and studying the subject. I wonder how our computer generated books will fair.

As a published writer of both fact and fiction,  the written word can evoke many emotions and deep held memories.

Like art, the words we write stir the imagination, you can get lost in a book, and find yourself there too.

I wrote that book, you can too.